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The Gorgeous Company was founded in 2010 by Vija & Quentin Mackay.  Vija is a classically trained pianist, conductress, former model and a skin care therapist, Quentin is an engineer and designer.  Having worked as designers for 10 years in fashion companies, product companies and Luxury Brand houses we decided to fulfil our dreams and go it alone and build on a passion to bring Gorgeous and unique items to others, believing that uniqueness and quality do not need to cost the earth both intrinsically and financially.  We have sourced items that we feel are Gorgeous not only in aesthetics but wherever possible also in materials, sustain ability and provenance.  Most of our items contain raw materials that are reliably sourced and many are from regeneration projects.

We like to think that our range is Gorgeously simple, not only to look at, but once you touch, feel, smell, wear or sleep in it, we are convinced you will feel the same way also, we present products that made us say "oooo" when we first discovered them.  We are always introducing new items into our range, so why not sign up for our Gorgeous newsletter and we will send you occasional information on new product arrivals and priority offers.

The majority of our items are handmade in small numbers by crafts people in Europe, individuals that we enjoy working with closely and supporting.  These crafts men and women are very passionate and skilled in their respective crafts which enables us to present well made, unique items to you, for you, and as unique gifts for you to present to others, with a story.


A significant amount of shopping today takes place online and it can be an impersonal exercise without interaction or the opportunity to touch and feel the product prior to purchasing, this also presents difficulties for a brand, because, when like The Gorgeous Company so much of the offer is about textures and scents, a lot of the unique characteristics and beauty are lost in just a picture.  If you take a little time to read the descriptions that we have put with our products you will find that most have a story, whether it is through their ingredients, materials, creation or promotion of well-being. We are convinced that you or the receipient will be delighted with a product that you purchase from us, and if you have any questions about any features of our products we are always here to answer your questions, you might need to leave a message for us (we are busy parents also), but we will respond to your enquiry very quickly.  We are not a faceless corporation, we don't have a long telephone menu to navigate through and our calls are not monitored for 'security and training purposes'!  If we answer your call, or when we call or email you back, it will be one of us.

Take a moment to create an account and become a GORGEOUS ANGEL.  You can then collect points on your purchases that you can redeem at a later date, it will also allow you to checkout quicker and view and track your orders.

Our 'Clover' logo is made up of four 'Gs', not only does this represent our passion for Gorgeousness but being a clover we believe it also signifies the values of The Gorgeous Company, unique, rare, special and conscious.

We strive to provide an excellent customer experience and we want you to be as pleased with our service and items as we intend, so, if you have any questions or feedback about The Gorgeous Company or our products please do not hesitate to send us an email at or through the 'Ask a Question' tab at the side of the page.

Thank You very much for taking the time to discover The Gorgeous Company and our story, we hope that we will have an opportunity to be or service to you in the very near future.

Much Gorgeousness!

Vija & Quentin - the Gorgeous Team x

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