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Great Plains Indian Chief Feather War Bonnet Headdress

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Why our Great Plains Indian Chief Headdress is Gorgeous.....

At the Gorgeous Company we love the good old games and our Indian Chief Headdress is an unbelievably impressive dress up accessory and worthy of any Big (or little) Chief.  Inspired by a headdress from the 1700's it is made from mixed materials including real goose feathers, faux fur detailing, leather and fabric.  The headdress is one size and the weight of the headdress keeps it on the wearers head. Perfect for many occassions including play, re-enactment, stag parties, festivals and parties.

Available in 4 feather colour variations - White, White/Black, Emerald and Amethyst.

True to the nature of all of our Gorgeous handmade products, the details and materials may vary presenting unique effects on each item.

Our Headdress is an adult size but can be pinned at the back to fit children.

Height of headdress (central feather to headband) - 45cm,

Width of Headdress (Open when worn feather tip to feather tip)  - 55cm

A history of the Headdress - The Great Plains Indian Warbonnets are the magnificent feather headdresses commonly seen in Western movies and TV shows. Although warbonnets are the best-known type of Indian headdress today, they were actually only worn by a dozen or so Indian tribes in the Great Plains region, such as the Sioux, Crow, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, and Plains Cree.  Warbonnets were originally made from the tail feathers of the golden eagle, and each feather had to be earned by an act of bravery. Sometimes a feather might be painted with red dye to commemorate a particular victory. Besides the feathers, Great Plains Indian warbonnets were often decorated with ermine skins and fancy beadwork.

Not recommended for under 6 years.


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One Size Only.