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Silver Lucky Penny Coin Card

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Gift note:


Why our Silver Lucky Penny Coin Card is Gorgeous.....

There is a Numismatist (a person who loves, studies or collects coins) in all of us...

Good luck, traditional beliefs for weddings, driving tests, birthdays, or just a treasured item.

The belief that a penny brings us luck travels back in history in many different cultures. The penny as a currency has been produced in various metals, each one at times a treasured commodity and believed by many cultures and civilisations to contain healing and spiritual properties. This has transcended through the generations and the pennies good luck values have become engrained in many international traditions and ceremonies.

The overall belief is that the penny brings us good luck and if one is found with its head up it should be picked up and pocketed, equally if it is presented to you or used for a ceremony it should be heads up; then kept not spent, and in times of hardship the penny can be talked to, to bring us good luck.

The penny 'coined' the phrase 'penny loafers' because it was considered lucky to put a penny in the front window of a pair of loafer shoes. This relates to the belief that if a penny is placed in the grooms shoe at his wedding (head up) and worn during the ceremony, good fortune will favour the couple.

The tradition of a lucky penny is also documented in a rhyme.

€˜Find a penny pick it up and all day you will have Good Luck, pass it to a faithful friend and your luck will never end€™.

All pennies are genuine and will show varying degrees of wear dependent on their use in circulation.

YOUR PENNY - Old Old pennies range from 1900-1952. New Old pennies range from 1952-1971. Please select 'OLD OLD PENNY' or 'NEW OLD PENNY' from the drop down menu.

Your Silver Lucky Penny is attached to a brown card with glue dots with a matching envelope Made in England from recylced paper with an explanation of the lucky penny on the back. The card is blank inside and the coin can be removed by the receiver. To post the card it wll need to be sent large lettter.

To prevent accidental spending your Lucky Penny it has been plated with a real silver plate that will always differentiate it from your loose change. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide specific years, coin dates will be selected at random.

Bronze, Copper, Steel

As with all plating the silver plate will wear and rub off after time.

Good Luck is based on traditional beliefs, unfortunately we cannot guarentee this.



2cm & 3.2cm

Card Size 14.85cm x 10.5cm (C6)

Product Care

As with all plating the silver plate will wear and rub off after time.