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Pure Bamboo Towels - Individual or set

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Why our Bamboo Towels are Gorgeous.....

Made fom 100% bamboo, using is believing with Bamboo.  With three times the absorbency of cotton and a naturally anti bacterial and anti-allergenic yarn, these are just a few of its impressive natural characteristics.  We have 3 different size towels - Face Towel (34cm x 34cm), Hand Towel (75cm x 34cm) and Bath Towel (136cm x 68cm) and they can also be purchased as a set for a saving.

Some Bamboo Facts.

1. Bamboo is three times more absorbent than cotton which promotes an instant touch dry ability and allows the fabric to be much thinner and lighter than cotton.

2. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and germ repellent due to the fibre having finer micro loops than cotton and therefore stays cleaner for longer.

3. Bamboo has much better dermal temperature control qualitites (+/-2ºC over cotton) and it offers far superior health and hygene lifestyle benefits with a wonderfully soft silk-cashmere touch*.

Bamboos recognition as one of the most sustainable and versatile plant sources of the future is growing rapidly and its applications expanding daily.  Bamboo is now used widely in the manufacture of high performance sportswear and it is the choice of many sports competitors including Olympic swimmers and other major sporting events.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material source for the future being a plant that can grow up to 20cm in one day.

100% Bamboo

*To promote the life of your item please read the product care instructions for Bamboo.


Our Bamboo Towel sizes are:

€‹Face Towel - 34cm x 34cm

Hand Towel - 75cm x 34cm

Bath Towel - 136cm x 68cm

Product Care

Bamboo is an impressive delicate yarn that presents itself in a tactile form with some impressive characteristics that when cared for correctly can be preserved over time. Following a few guidelines set out below will help you to prolong the life of your item.  We also encourage the use of common sense relative to the use and care of delicate fabrics.

1. Bamboo should be machine or hand washed in water no hotter than 40 degrees Celcius on a gentle cycle.  The finished yarn of Bamboo has a looser twist compared to cotton, its naturally smaller fibre loops and antibacterial qualities mean that the textile does not need to be boiled to clean.

2. We recommend that a Bamboo item is turned inside out and washed separately. It should be washed in a MILD non biological laundry LIQUID such as Ecover non bio liquid.  Laundry liquids are gentler than laundry powders that can cluster, block and reduce the properties of fabrics.

3. DO NOT bleach or use fabric conditioner.  Bleaching will harden the fabric and rapidly deteriorate the fabric and fabric conditioner will block the loops on the fibres yarn.

4. If something is spilt on Bamboo, do not use a stain remover, soak the affected area with a little laundry liquid and allow to rest.  Reacting immediately to a spill will remove most if not all of the stain, leaving for the wash is unnecessary and might result in non-removal due to wait.

5. We recommend that Bamboo fabric is allowed to dry naturally either flat or hanging.

6. Iron on the lowest heat setting.  The thermostability of Bamboo fibre is lower than that of cotton.