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Mussel Man T Shirt

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Gift note:


Why our Mussel Man T-Shirt is Gorgeous.....

'Is it a bird, is it a plane, no....its Mussel Man'!

Mussel (muscle) Man soft white fine cotton t-shirt.

Its a tough pill to swallow but not all men were destined to be Arnold Schwarzenneger or Dolph lundgren with bulging biceps and sizzling sick packs. However, this doesn't mean they don't deserve to wear a Mussel Man t-shirt, after all one might not have toned triceps or perfected pectorals but does enjoy eating a delicious plate of mussels!

Every Dad is a Superhero to their young children, he can lift a car, bend metal and battle monsters! So every Dad can be Mussel Man.

Perfect for Boyfriends, Dads and even Granddads.

A few lines to master when wearing a Mussel Man T-Shirt.

"No job is to big or small for Mussel Man"!

"Stand back, leave this to Mussel Man"!

"This is a job for Mussel Man"!

"More mussels anyone"?

Our Mussel Man t-shirt is a humourous top for any aspiring muscle man, gastronomist, Superhero Dad, Boyfriend or Granddad. Don't be afraid to say "wanna see my mussels" or stand tall and proud when someone shouts 'is it a bird, is it a plane, no....its mussel man'!

White cotton t-shirt only.

Sizes S, M, L, XL.

WARNING: Wearing a Mussel Man t-shirt could result in neighbourly requests to fetch cats out of trees or other Superhero worthy missions. Please do be careful :)




Printed on a 100% REGULAR FIT round neck fine cotton t-shirt

T Shirt Chest Measurements.

S = 36-38"/91-96cm

M = 38-40"/97-102cm

L = 41-43"/103-108cm

XL = 44-46"/109-118cm

Product Care

Our Mussel Man T Shirt can be machine washed at 60ºC maximum.