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Essential Oil Candle Lavender

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Why our Lavender Plant Wax Essential Oil Candles are Gorgeous.....

Our Essential Oil Candles are made from a responsibly sourced sustainable 100% palm wax* with a cotton wick that has been hand poured in England into our white Fine Porcelain Crinkleware.  Palm wax candles are cleaner burning candles. they are also much gentler than petroleum, bees wax, soy or synthetic based candles and they deliver a much better performance in burn time. Being plant based this allows the wax once warm to be applied to your skin as a soothing, gentle and natural aromatherapy moisturiser. 

Also available in Rose Geranium, Cedarwood Amyris and Orange Clove Cinnamon, palm wax candles have double the burn time of other waxes, burning for 40-45 hours and emitting a light, gentle and Gorgeous fragrance. 

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*Palm wax is an all natural wax made from the fruit of the oil palm and has a unique and attractive appearance that resists melting in hot temperatures, colours easily and holds fragrances well.  Palm Candle wax is natural like soy wax, but palm wax tends to have a better fragrance throw when lit.  Palm wax also requires no additives other than fragrance and colour if required.

Each Essential Oil Candle comes in a white linen bag with satin ribbon drawstring.

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Candle size is - 10cm x 8cm.

Product Care

Please read the product safety instructions accompanying the Candle.

When your candle has burned down, place the pot into a saucepan of water (shallower than the pot) and heat on a cooker.  Before the water reaches boiling point empty the now melted residue wax from the pot.  Clean the pot in soapy hot water and if any black residue remains clean this with baking soda.