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Feather Quill Pen Goose

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Why our Feather Quill Pens are Gorgeous.....

Our Feather Quill Pens evoke scribing nostalgia without the need for sharpening or messy ink wells. The option of a white Goose feather with a simple smooth ballpoint refill is the perfect gift for letter writers or romantic poets.

The Goose feather is the original feather used to make a quill pens. The word pen derives from the Latin word 'penna' which means feather.

The natural feather shape lends itself to either left or right handed use, please select your preference.

Your Quill Pen will be posted inside a white pillow envelope.

See our Ostrich Feather Quill Pen.

Feather lengths and shapes vary.


Our Goose Feather Quill Pens are 33-36cm (approximately)

Product Care

If the barbs on your Goose Feather Quill Pen do become separated or bent, straighten them carefully with damp fingers.